Female Pump It Up Tournament | The Beast in the East 3

PIU Female Division Pump It Up Tournament

thebeast Gaming Tournament

Tournament Organizer: Nayla Arshad
Entry Fee: TBA
Prize: TBA
Double Elimination


It will be held on Saturday, October 13th.
Entry is free for ladies, boys have to pay $1,000.
There will be prizes
There will be a qualifier. Qualifier can be done either Friday or Saturday before the tournament starts (tournament time will be announced closer to the date as well as qualifier).

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TBA few days before the tournament 

Tournament Rules

Tournament will be run on HJ.

Preliminaries : S16-17
Semi- finals: S17-S18
Finals : S19-20

For preliminaries through semi-finals, 3 songs will be drawn at random per match. Each player will veto one song and remaining song will be played. Highest seed from qualifier may choose first veto or preferred pad side for first rounds. After that, higher bracket may choose to veto first/pad side. Lower seed/bracket may choose to veto first for second round of match.

In the even of a tie, 3 songs will be selected at random. Each player may veto 1 song and the remaining song will be played. Coin toss to determine first veto.

Finals Round! Each player will pick 1 song s19-20 and one song D17-18. You MUST pick one single and ONE double. Both players will play both singles and both doubles songs, and TOTAL score of all 4 songs will decide the winner.

Mods :
• All noteskins allowed!
• All mods that don’t modify the chart are allowed. ( No mirror)
• BGA dark will be used through all the matches as a default. BGA on may be used only if BOTH players agree to it.

No remixes, fulls, or shortcuts allowed for song picks of finals.

If any girl gets an S on Gargoyle D20 during the weekend they win a mystery prize 😉


Tournament rules may be subject to change as we are still going over things, we will let you know when they’re finalized!