Pump It Up BITE Division Tournament Rules BITE 2

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Tournament Organizer: Christopher Beachum
Entry Fee: $10

Double Elimination

General Rules:

  • HJ on
  • BGA Dark
    • Unless both parties agree with BGA on
  • Any mod is allowed that doesn’t interfere with other players. (ex: FD, Soccer Ball skin)
  • Arcade Songs only
  • Matches will be one singles chart and one doubles chart.
  • Score will be percent based.
    • The higher score will be 100%, the lower score is a percentage of that score.
    • Both singles and doubles percentages are added up to determine a winner.. For example:
      • Singles:
        • Player 1: 3283600 (100%)
        • Player 2: 2865800 (87.27%)
      • Doubles:
        • Player 1: 4352100 (98.81%)
        • Player 2: 4404400 (100%)
      • Player 1 wins the match 198.81% to player 2’s 187.27%
  • In the results of a tie, a card draw of singles and doubles charts will be made until a winner is determined.
  • Players will choose from the following options every other with higher seed getting first choice:
    • Singles Pad Side
    • Doubles Order
    • Veto Order
    • Protect Order
  • 5 Card Draw System
    • 5 charts are chosen at random
    • Each player protects one chart (in the order determined by the person who picked protect order)
    • Out of the remaining 3 charts, each player vetoes a chart  (in the order determined by the person who picked veto order)
      • EX: You get a card draw of 5 charts either singles or doubles. The players in the order determined protect a chart first, then veto. This will send the two protected charts and the untouched chart in the next draw.The players then veto charts until one is left to play.
  • Tournament Difficulty Ranges:
    • 1st Round
      • 19-20
    • 2nd Round
      • 21-22
    • 3rd Round+
      • 23+

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