Wheel of Fate Mystery Game Tournament Rules

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Tournament Organizer: James Calwell
Entry Fee: $5

Rules subject to change any time up to tournament.

Game list: (Subject to change any time up to tournament) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1I6NOTbvSW2Pe_cLA3HNxkx-a-PFqf4d-N6dXxnLJMmA/edit#gid=0

All games will be selected randomly from the wheel. The wheel has (16) spaces, with the number of games allocated as follows:

  • Blue games: 5 spaces
  • Yellow games: 7 spaces
  • Red games: 3 spaces
  • Instant prize! : 1 space (1 winner only, becomes player’s choice afterward)

Two players will play rock-paper-scissors for the privilege of spinning the wheel. The winner of the chosen game receives one prize drawn at random. After the game is chosen, the game is removed from the wheel and replaced with another game from the same pool.

After the previous match, the next two players can choose to play the same game or spin for a new one. A single game can played only three times, and if the wheel is spun for a new game, the previous game cannot be played again.

Game rules:

  • Versus games: 2 out of 3 rounds, 2 out of 3 matches. Characters can be changed by both players between matches.
  • Platform games: Longest distance wins, followed by highest score. Turn ends either at end of second stage or game over. Ties to be broken with 1 live each.
  • Shooting games: Highest score wins. Turn ends either at predetermined time limit or game over. Ties to be broken with 1 live each.
  • Other games: Highest score wins.

See the game list for game-specific rules. Prizes are currently being determined and will be announced here soon.

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